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Dec. 13, 2021

And The Winner Of "Athlete of the Year" Is ... A Quitter

And The Winner Of
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Nikki is back for another episode!  I think she might be sweet on me or something.  Gen Z sleeps on the job.  That's right, a new survey shows the worthless generation sleeps on the job, and often gets rewarded for it.  The hot mess, inside a dumpster fire, inside a train wreck known as CNN has a severe image problem.  First there was Chris Cuomo, then there was Don Lemon, and now there's John Griffin.  Griffin obviously likes the younglings and hatched a scheme that will make anyone fume with anger.  The cure for CNN's image problem?  Chris Wallace, the son who could never get out of daddy's shadow, is leaving Fox News and will start a new daily show on the yet-to-be-launched CNN+.  Speaking of image problems, we'll no longer have to worry about disgraced "news" anchor Brian Williams.  The former head liar at NBC signed off the air for the final time, doing what he did best ... lie.  Wil Wheaton is flexing his white guilt while taking on Dave Chappelle, to which we respond with "Shut Up Wesley".  Time Magazine has unveiled their "Athlete of the Year" ... and it's a real doozy.  Reddit is a place that questions are not tolerated, as I found out the hard way when questioning Star Trek: Discovery, or ST:D.  And that's not all folks, there's plenty more in this episode.

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