Get (Un)Woke
Dec. 24, 2021

Christmas Lists and More!

Christmas Lists and More!
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It's Christmas time! What better time to talk about happy and fun things than the holidays?  On this episode, Nikki joins me again and we have some light-hearted material to share including the best Christmas movies and the most dangerous toys ever made!

Rotten Tomatoes catches some heat from me though, and the wrong must be righted! 

Praise be to President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci, who have let us know from on high who can and cannot celebrate Christmas this year. You can count the TV’s Rob family as on the “Naughty List” of our current Führer and the Lord Saint Doctor.

Research shows you’re most likely to have a heart attack on Christmas, which makes you wonder how Clark Griswold made it through Christmas Vacation.

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Special thanks to Nikki, you can follow her on Twitter @DFWRadioGirlie and Ryoga, the special derpy cat, who you can see what he's up to on Twitter as well @CatRyoga

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