Get (Un)Woke
May 3, 2021

Declaring War on Men's Engagement Rings

Declaring War on Men's Engagement Rings
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Welcome to it, the premiere episode of TV’s Rob is (Un)Woke.  Here’s some of the things the left is currently at war with, Hunter Biden to speak about ‘fake news’ at Tulane University, Cincy bar owner is thriving after saying LeBron needs to be expelled from the NBA … despite LeBron shit talking him on Twitter.  Alyssa Milano calls on celebrities to help end pandemic, says if not ‘we don't deserve our platforms’ and gets called out for a podcasting setup that's a joke for a "celebrity".  Things we didn't ask for this week include men's engagement rings from Tiffany and Co. and a 'Night Court' reboot.  Finally, we look at the pussies of the week, the SNL cast.

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