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Nov. 10, 2021

Flipping The Double Bird to Cancel Culture

Flipping The Double Bird to Cancel Culture
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On this episode of (Un)Woke, I take a look at the redemption of Kyle Larson in the NASCAR Cup Series.  Going from unemployed last year after using a racial slur, to the champion in NASCAR's highest division.  NASCAR President Steve Phelps has proven yet again that no matter how 'non-political' he wants to be, he can't help making a fool of himself.  Let's Go Brandon has become so much more than anyone could have imagined, but who is Brandon?  I discuss Brandon Brown and his massive win at Talladega last month, and what everyone making money off of the slogan Let's Go Brandon can do for him and his race team.  Finally, EVs have got to go.  Tesla, Mustang Mach-Es, the upcoming Dodge electric "muscle car" and all other electric vehicles need to be destroyed.

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