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Sept. 9, 2021

Happy Star Trek Day!

Happy Star Trek Day!
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People know about Star Wars Day (May 4th), but this day is far more important.  Why?  September 8, 1966: Television history was made when Gene Roddenberry's "Star Trek" hit the airwaves.  55 years later, the franchise lives on with new shows and classic episodes and movies can be enjoyed with modern streaming platforms.  As with every beloved franchise, fans argue over what's the best show, who's the best captain (spoiler, it's not Janeway) and Old Trek vs. New Trek.  Joining me on this episode are two people who share a love of all things Trek and love to argue things, Steven Avery (back for the second time) and @Michaelnp1701 ... I probably should have gotten an actual name, but Twitter handles are fun.

We break down the 9 different Star Trek series and give you the definitive list of the ones you should watch, and the ones you should avoid like Terellian Death Syndrome.

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