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Aug. 10, 2021

Subway Owners Tired of Rapinoe? Say it Ain't So

Subway Owners Tired of Rapinoe? Say it Ain't So
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Subway franchise owners have had enough of Megan Rapinoe, and want the ads featuring her pulled.  Why?  Well, they're facing backlash, among other things.  The Olympics have wrapped and I take a look at some of the highlights, or really low-lights of the 2020 in 2021 games.  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is an absolute dirt bag, we have the report to prove it.  What is the ass grabber of New York going to do next?  My wife Nikki FINALLY joins the show to talk about some hard news items that she has opinions on.  Howard Stern, the alleged “King of All Media” has SiriusXM subscribers pissed off, and their rage continues to grow … I’ll tell you why.  AOC, soy-boy beta male boyfriend say TikTok ‘key to a healthy relationship’.  What AOC would want to do with her life if she hadn't become a politician.

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