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June 8, 2021

The Most Hated Man in the NBA ...

The Most Hated Man in the NBA ...
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Kamala Harris FINALLY starts to work on the border crisis, but not in the way that you would want her to.  Instead, she tells migrants ‘do not come, do not come,’ during press conference in Guatemala.  The people of Guatemala didn't take too kindly to her being there either.  The days of the Chevy Camaro could be numbered, or at least, as we know the Camaro now.  What's the future of the legendary "Mustang Killer"?  Ford is producing more Mustang Mach-E's than gas-powered Mustangs, although sales don't support that push.  Dr. Ruth says 90-year-olds should have sex, meanwhile a Danish reporter goes deep to get a story.  LeBron James is the most hated man in the NBA, much to the surprise of no one.  CNN street fight, pick your winner, Jake Tapper or Chris Cuomo.  TV's Rob finds the latest thing he just can't let go of.

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