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Feb. 5, 2022

Why Don't People Trust CNN?

Why Don't People Trust CNN?
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Covid-19 tests postive for TV's Rob.  The Brandon Brown saga comes to an end, and it's actually an end I can live with.  Bubba Wallace, NASCAR's greatest race card driver ever, has ANOTHER documentary coming out about his 'struggles' on Netflix.  If you want me to watch and review it, be sure to leave a comment on Twitter @TVsRob_Official ... otherwise I can't promise that I'll be watching it.  The CNN dumpster fire has been lit and it is glorious to watch the cable news network burning to the gound over a president getting down to some bidness with a subordinate and lying about it for years.  Of course, Mini-Me Brian Stelter has to immediately point the finger to disgraced wannabe tough guy former host Chris Cuomo.

I recently posted a "Ask Me Anything" style tweet on the Twitter machine, and I answer your questions.  Some of them were really good and thoughtful.  

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