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Dudes From Dallas - Episode 20

It’s Friday and the Dudes are back with more of the less filling, more taste format. That means three episodes a week for you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

It's our 20th episode! Who would have thought we'd make it this far. If we had known we were hitting that milestone, we may have put a lot more effort into the show. But, we promise you, we'll make up for it in episode 21.

Today Rob tries to celebrate Nick getting his car back from the shop, after spending a lot of money and a lot of man hours, working overtime and then some. Of course, Nissan isn’t doing anything about it and is taking no responsibility for their faulty transmission. Since we’re talking cars, Rob Rotten takes a look at the dumbest trend for cars ever imagined: Vanity Plates. You know those plates, the ones with cute words or sayings, perhaps a name or whatever it is people come up with. The Dudes discuss the expansion of toll roads and how ridiculous they are. Nick talks about an issue in his home state of California, the possibility of the state breaking into three smaller states. The reasons behind the desire to split are numerous, and the insight the Dudes provide will surely help you around the water cooler. We also take a moment to celebrate, albeit belated, a special day for Sci-Fi nerds.

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