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I Am Declaring War #shorts

I am declaring WAR …
I can see that got your attention.
What am I declaring war on? That’s a very good question. And the answer is simple.
I am declaring WAR on electric vehicles, or EVs …
Why am I declaring war on them?
Very simple … we’re being sold a fake bill of goods regarding these vehicles. And automakers are destroying legacy nameplates in the name of these quiet, generic, ridiculous looking pieces of crap.
Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg told us all to combat high gas prices by buying an EV, like he did.
Which one of the many EVs did this unqualified doofus get? He got himself a Mustang Mach-E.
That “car” is the one I really take issue with. Very few things in my life get a visceral response of pure hatred out of me like this vehicle.
I mean, look at that thing … does that LOOK like a Mustang? No! THIS is a Mustang.
As a Mustang owner, I spit on these cars, and I wouldn’t try to save one if it were on fire.